Monday, October 5, 2009

Project 8

Project 8

Supply Box of Essential Items to 1500 Refugee Families.

Visit the following site for more information.

The Mission needs US$ 30 per family to supply a Box of Essential Items to the refugees.

Appeal for Fund - visit the following Website

Appeal for more funds

Vanni Refugee Relief Work for War Victims

Dear friends,

Ramakrishna Mission Ceylon branch is engaged in relief work for North East war victims - IDPs, refugees and disabled. The Mission organized six trips to refugee camps and distributed essential items worth about US$ 175,000/-

As IDPs are continuing to live in temporary shelters, we appeal again for more funds to continue our People Centered Aid Projects. The humanitarian crisis is huge. The problems
seem impossible to overcome. I would like to urge the global community to come forward and help the IDPs.

Funds available in hand are not enough to continue beyond the current Proposed Project 8. The Ramakrishna Mission will continue the Relief and Rehabilitation work depending on the availability of funds. The Mission needs US$ 30 per family to supply a Box of Essential Items to the refugees.

The Mission assures aid reach direct to refugees. We thank all well wishers and friends who supported to make earlier projects possible to provide relief at the critical time.

Please find the attachment with further detail of progress of the relief work by the Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch), If you need any more detail or clarification you may contact us.

Swami Sarvarupananda
Swami in-charge

What your donation can do for the Refugees

* US$ 18 buys a pair of Crutches Axillary - Underarm - pair for a disabled
* US$ 20 buys a pair of Crutches - Forearm - Elbow for a disabled
* US$ 25 buys a Gift Box for a Baby
* US$ 30 A box of Essential Items to a refugee family
* US$ 50 Aid for a school student for a year
* US$ 85 buys a wheel chair for a disabled person
* US$ 130 buys a Tricycle for an invalid person
* US$ 150 provides a university scholarship for a year

Ramakrishna mission is a worldwide spiritual movement which aims at the harmony of religions, all around development of human faculties, social equality, and peace for all humanity, without any distinctions of creed, caste, race or nationality. It is politically neutral and committed to religious freedom. Worship of god in man is the guiding ideal of the organization.