Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Deepavali 2011

Deepavali will be celebrated in Colombo as per the programme.

Special feeding with sweets will be done in three Sunday Religious Schools in Kilinochchi.

Special feeding with sweets will be done in Nachimar Temple Sunday Religious School in East Bharatipuram, Viswamadu.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Appeal for Welfare Centre Urumpirai - Ramakrishna Mission , Colombo

Visit to Sivathondan Nilayam

Visit to Sivathondan Nilayam


Visit to Nallur Temple


Visit to Nallai Adeenam 4-8-2011


Feeding the Poor and IDP Students in Kilinochchi and Visvamadu

Supply of Food Packets to Needy School Children – IDPs and War affected.

Feeding on 4-8-2011 in Bharati Vidyalayam– Kilinochchi.

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Lunch was given to the children for the birthday of Master Sandeep.

Feeding on 25-7-2011 to the children in Sunday Religious Schools – Kilinochchi.

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Feeding on 2-9-2011 in Bharati Vidyalayam– Kilinochchi.

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Bharatipuram, Visvamadu, Kali Temple Sunday Religious School.

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Feeding in Visvamadu - Kali Temple Sunday Religious School on 05-6-2011


Feeding on 19-6-2011


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vanni Relief 14-6-2011

Visit to Jaffna and Kilinochchi 27-5-2011 to 29-5-2011

Gift of Laser Printer and Scanner

to Sri Lanka National Federation of the Visually Handicapped.

219, Adiapatham Road, Nallur – Jaffna.

Sri Ramakrishna Samity, Thavady

Met the children of Sunday Religious School.

Vocational Training Centre – Funded by Ramakrishna Mission, Colombo

Organizing Support for Women in Vulnerable Situation. To enable the beneficiaries to attain self-sufficiency and financial independence by providing residents with the opportunity to find employment or run their own business

A Vocational Training Centre was stated at Krishanapuram, Kilinochchi, for the benefit of unemployed girls and widows.

Gifted clothes for teaching purposes


Visited Malayalapuram, Kilinochchi, Religious School on 29-5-2011

Met the children and teachers – distributed sweets and gifted uniform clothes to 38 children of the schools.


Bharatipuram, Visvamadu, Kali Temple Sunday Religious School.

Teachers from Bharatipuram Visvamadu met the Swamiji and volunteers.

Monetary aid was given to them to buy sweets for the children.

Supply of Food Packets to Needy School Children – IDPs and War affected.

Visvamadu, Bharatipuram, Kali Temple Sunday Religious School. (Mullaitivu).

Classes are being held under trees.


Support for Economically Needy Students.

War affected and poor students are being given monthly monetary aid.

Enable the Disabled to live a decent life – Follow Up.

A request from a disabled person – Support for Self Employment

Funded by Ramakrishna Mission Artificial Limbs was given to him on 30-8-2010.