Monday, February 7, 2011

Flood Relief in Batticaloa

Flood Relief
by Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch) through

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The relief work is being done with the help of local people and volunteers. The Mission is providing Food, Sanitation, Clothing and Medical facilities to the flood victims . There are more than 500,000 people displeaced / Livelihood affected / housing affected in Batticaloa. Rs.5 million has been already spent for

1. To provide dry food to 220 families in Kallady

2. To provide cooked food to the people in Camps at Sakthi Vidyalayam, Vellor,

Vipulananda Vidyalayam, Nochimunai, Shivananda Vidyalaya, and Vinayaka Vidyalaya, etc,.

3. To provide biscuits and Milk Powder to Pregnant Women.

4 Purchased Goods worth 1.7 million - Milk Powder, Detol Soap, Bottled Water, Medicines, Water Purification Tablets were sent to Batticalao for distribution.

Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch) earnestly appeal to the generous public and donor agencies to come forward to help us in the Flood Relief Work for these people who faced the worst Floods in the recent history of the Eastern Province.

Thanking You,

Yours in the Lord,
Swami Sarvarupananda

Swami In Charge &

Vice-President / Chairman

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