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Feeding needy children by well-wishers on days of important in their families.

Feeding needy children by well-wishers on days of important in their families.

Poverty alleviation and prevention of malnutrition among children
After the war we have started the following Welfare Centres for the welfare of war affected children & other people.
1.       Swami Vivekananda Welfare Centre,  Kilinochchi;
2.       Swami Vivekananda Educational Centre, Visuvamadu.
3.       Ramakrishna Mission Welfare Centre, Urumpirai).

·         Kilinochchi about 40 children come on Sundays.
·         Visuvamadu about 140 children come after 2 pm for our free tuition classes. (In two locations)
·         Urumpirai about 20 children come to our centre for free tuition and religious classes. Free Ayurveda Clinic treats patients on Sundays.

We do occasional feeding to them.
E.g.  Cultural & Welfare Aid - funded by one person.

Please see the link given below to see photos of Navaratri celebrations and feeding in our welfare Centres in Kilinochchi, Visuvamadu (Mullaitivu), & Urumpirai (Jaffna). 
We need funds for
1. Educational Aid
2. Feeding - Providing nutritious foods, etc (One packet of 1/2 kg Jeevakaram is Rs.95/-)
3. Fund for clothing - providing on Deepavali &  New Year, School Uniform, etc
4.For Medical Aid

If you want to feed war affected children through our Welfare Centers in Kilinochchi & Visuvamadu money can be remitted to the following bank account.
Ramakrishna Misson, Colombo.
Current A/c No. 009010001222
Hatton National Bank Ltd
Wellawatta Branch
100, 102, Galle Road,
Colombo 6.
Swami Vivekananda Educational Centre, Visuvamadu – Classes, Feeding, etc.
Photo Album:               http://www.flickr.com/photos/rkmcey/10330038816/

Classes & Feeding children in Swami Vivekananda Welfare Centre,  Kilinochchi.

 Varodaya Nagar, Trinco – Sunday Religious School.
Photo Album:               

Aid for
Ramakrishna Mission is running three Children Homes in Batticaloa.

Money can be remitted to the following Bank account for feeding in Children Homes in Batticaloa.

Ramakrishna Mission, Batticaloa
Standard Chartered Bank,
Wellawatta Branch
Account No. 18-6072615-01
Swift Code  - SCBL LK LX


Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch) Vision and Mission

40, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 6
Phone  -  0094-11- 2588253 & 5013805,  Fax  - 0094-11-2361438
Email:   rkmcey@gmail.com          
Website       http://rkmceylon.wikifoundry.com/      and         http://rkmceylon.blogspot.com/

Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch) was incorporated by a special Act of Parliament i.e. Ordinance No. 8 of 1929 and declared as an APPROVED CHARITY vide the Extra Ordinary Issue No. 10358 of the Ceylon Government Gazette published on the 22nd of February 1952. It is a world wide organization, serving in various fields of human needs – medical, educational, cultural, moral and spiritual for more than 120 years.

Short Report - Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch) 2015-16

(Ceylon Branch)
40, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 6. Sri Lanka.

A Short Report for the Period 1.4.2015 to 31. 3. 2016


     The Mission started its activities in the island in 1924 with the management of a few schools.  The Centre in Colombo was established in 1930.

During the year under review the Centre Conducted:

1.         Daily worship & weekly classes;
2.         Birthdays of prophets;
3.         Spiritual retreats on full moon days;
4.         A Sunday School for imparting religious knowledge to school children, 669 were on     
                 Roll (Boys 341 & Girls 328) & with 52 volunteer teachers;
5.         A Library and Free Reading Room with 8000 books, 16 periodicals and 7 newspapers;
6.         A Book sales section – Supplies books at nominal price.
7.         A Guest House - provided accommodation to friends, students & well wishers for short period for a nominal rent;
8.         An Auditorium - given for religious and cultural programmes on rental basis;
9.             Preaching - The resident Swamis lectured at various parts of the island on invitation from the Government and the public;
10.         Welfare & Relief - Was done at a cost of Sri Lankan Rs. 6,521,915/- by providing            Educational Aid, Medical Aid, Children welfare activities, Food, & Financial assistance to         needy children, university students, victims of war, widows, poor families, etc.

Amount in Sri Lankan Rs.
Distress Relief

Free Medical Camp conducted for the benefit of general public -                                    Monthly Medical Camp in Colombo  -                                              Total treated. -  1016
      Weekly Ayurveda Medical Clinic in Urumpirai   -       Total treated   -   2712
11.   Religious, Cultural & Welfare activities are being done through Welfare Centres in Kilinochchi, Visuvamadu & Urumpirai for the benefit of war affected children, women, disabled & others.
12.   Distribution of Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission publications among schools and libraries free of cost (Total amount spent Rs 61,059/-);
13.   Celebrations of birthdays of Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swami
            Vivekananda with special puja, homa and discourses and public celebration with
            speeches by eminent people.


Ramakrishna Mission (Ceylon Branch), Batticaloa Centre.
A Short Report for the period 01.04.2015 to 31.03.2016.

1.       The sub–Centre conducts religious and cultural activities apart from running three Orphanages,
a.       A Boys’ Home in Kallady Uppodai, Batticaloa with 43 boys on roll.
b.       Sarada Girls’ Home in Kallady Uppodai, Batticaloa with 44 Girls on roll
c.       A Girls’ Home, Karaitheevu in Amparai District, 19 girls on roll.
Total Children 106 in roll.

2.       Run three Sunday Religious Schools (Aranery schools)
a)      Ramakrishna Mission Aranery School, Kallady Uppodai where 155 Boys and 109 Girls, in total 264 students on roll, were taught by 16 volunteer teachers.
b)      Vivekananda Welfare Centre at Kiran under the administration of Ramakrishna Mission in which 25 Boys and 35 Girls, total 60 students, were taught by 02 volunteer teachers.
c)      Swami Vivekananda Aranery School at Navatkudah where 22 Boys and 15 Girls, total 37 students, were taught by 03 volunteer teachers.

3.       Computer training - preliminary course was conducted to the inmates of the children homes. During the Term Leave from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon on Monday to Friday and during School days on every Saturday from 9.00 am to 12.00 noon. Number of students taught : Boys - 41, Girls - 31, Total - 75
4.       Maintenance of Temples
a.       Maintained a Temple for the lepers at the Manthivu Leper Asylum. Pooja was conducted on Fridays. Annual festival is conducted in July for the spiritual welfare of the people living nearby.
b.       Ramakrishna Temple – Thalankudah
Construction of The Ramakrishna temple in Thalankudah has been completed. Regular Poojas and bhajans are conducted. The temple is being maintained by the mission.

5.       Relief, Medical and welfare activities for the needy people.
Providing school stationery & financial assistance to the poor students studying in nearby schools and to University students.
a.       Total cost of the welfare programmes:

Amount in Sri Lankan

Distress Relief

b.       Providing Exercise books for poor students
7188 students from 52 schools have been provided for the 28518 exercise books.

6.       Sri Sarada Nursery school and Swami Vivekananda nursery school are being run by the Ramakrishna Mission in which 169 students were on roll.  During the year 02 principal, 12 teachers & 01 laborer managed the schools. The resident Swamis visited the schools and other institutions to take part in several religious cultural activities. 

7.       With active local participation, the Jayanthis of the Holy Trio were observed with due solemnity.

8.        Afternoon special Coaching classes
a.       Afternoon special Coaching classes have been organized in the Boys’ Home premises at Kallady Uppodai for bright, deserving, under-privileged children from nearby villages. The children who come for these classes are being given noon food & uniforms. At present there are 186 boys and girls from grade 6th to grade 13th (A/L). They all come to the classes after their school is over, have lunch and attend their special tuition classes in various subjects. The classes are conducted by good teachers arranged by the Mission. After the special coaching classes, these children work for a little while in the garden, play, have evening tea and go back to their  homes.
b.       At the Vivekananda Welfare Centre, Kiran, afternoon coaching classes were conducted daily except Sundays. Average 85 students comprising of 40 boys and 45 girls from grade 06 to grade 08 attend the Classes. Five teachers and an office assistant conduct the classes.

9.       The family Health Centre treated, during the year, 8640 patients (Free 1500, paid nominal fees 7140). More than 9931 patients were treated in the monthly medical camps. 746 laboratory investigations were done by the Centre. Free medical clinics for pregnant mothers and children were conducted twice a month. 06 doctors, one Medical Laboratory Technician and 4 Nursing - assistant staff  attended needs of the Medical Centre.

10.   Agricultural activities - Paddy cultivation in Rugam Farm was undertaken in the land provided for Agricultural training. Cultivation of coconuts and vegetables also done in Boys Home and Girls Home premises at Kallady Uppodai.

a.       Book Sales at subsidized prices were organized at Kaluthavalai Temple, Mamangam Temple & Vivekananda Jayanthi.
b.       Gifts of book to devotees, to schools and Free Reading library were done for Rs 21,168/-

12.   Cultural Activity –
Aykkiya Vanakkam conducted in every full moon day. Parents, guardians and devotees participated in the function in which Bhajan and Pooja were done. Religious speech, cultural program of students and video shows about Hindu temples were organized.

13.   Videos on religious matters were also shown to the students of the Ramakrishna Mission Religious School at Vipulananda Memorial Hall, Batticaloa.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holy Mother Sarada Devi Birthday Celebration on 20-12-2016

 Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi  164th  Birthday Celebrations is on 20-12--2016
& Christmas Eve on 24-12-2016.

 HOLY MOTHER SRI SARADA DEVI  164TH  BIRTHDAY will be celebrated with religious, cultural & welfare activities in
Batticaloa ,
Urumpirai, Jaffna,
Kilinochchi &
Viswamadu, Mullaitivu

Special feeding of the poor children will be done in Batticaloa, Kilinochchi, Visuvamadu, Urumpirai.

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